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Our mission is to create meaningful connections between people and your salon in an age where honest communication has never been more important, or reputation more fragile. Our aim is to create an online presence for your business using digital marketing techniques and strategies. Helping users find your website. Through online branding, we help you to stand head and shoulders above your competitors while improving the customer experience.

Digital Marketing


Helping users find your website online

At TMG, we specialize in digital marketing, which can often be a huge stress for small business owners. Particularly those who are looking to market their products and services online. Making your website visible in the search engine result pages (SERP’s) or be easily found online can be incredibly hard work. Thankfully, we offer services to promote your website and brand online making digital marketing simple.

What actually is digital marketing?  We get this question quite often.  The answer is… it’s a lot of things. Some of the services we can offer include search engine optimisation (SEO) of your websites pages. Social media marketing through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social platforms. Unique connected content writing and creation as well as management of pay per click campaigns such as Google Adwords. These are only a few of the things we can do to help promote your website and make you visible to your desired customers.

Whether you’re looking for an existing website to be marketed, or want to create a brand new website with us. TMG will be able to assist you and put an online digital marketing package together to suit your needs. Digital marketing services can be put in place as part of the initial website build and design and/or can be part of an ongoing strategy after your site has launched. We will guide you on which services will work best for your business. Therefore always ensuring that you get a return on your investment.


Helping users find your website online with Digital Marketing

Online branding is not just about the design of your website, it is much more than that. We help you stand out from your competitors by creating an online identity through your website that is in line with your offline brand. This can then be used throughout all digital marketing campaigns creating a coherent brand image and message for your organization.

TMG looks to create an engaging brand experience that your current and future customers can enjoy. Color scheme and imagery are key, along with connected content, helping consumers recognize your brand instantly when they find your website. Our graphic design service helps aid this process, and helps to set you apart from the rest in your field.  Creating a website that fits the purpose of the needs of your customers. Not every website is the same for a reason, and the strategy of developing your company’s digital brand should be unique too.

Creating a digital identity in this day and age can be a lot of work. There are so many avenues that you must ensure that you have covered in the research process alone. As well as many locations online to expose your website, ensuring your brand is accessible to your customers. Online branding is an additional service we can offer when you choose TMG for your web design needs.  While helping you manage your online brand after your website build is complete.

Whether you’re looking for help with online branding or digital marketing, look no further.

Online Marketing